The warrior of life embodies the reignition of one’s energy and enthusiasm for life from a place of apathy. S/He thrives through an inner temple of resilience s/he falls back on when the going gets tough. This temple is built upon 2 pillars of freedom:

  • Healing the impact of adverse events on our emotional and physical systems
  • Liberation of the conditioned self from the perpetuation of limiting behaviors developed as coping mechanisms for hardships

Besides the emotional and physical affect, difficult situations imprint their marks in our lives. Depending on their intensity and the elements at stake, they can alter our patterns, beliefs, self-perceptions and relationship with ourselves and others. The longer in the gutter, the more likely we are to hardwire these new patterns in our brains. Hence, there is a strong likelihood to reproduce the conditioning of these events long after they ended. We see and react to life through the lenses of these circumstances, which can bear repercussions in important areas of our lives.

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Reclaiming one’s enthusiasm for life from a place of lethargy involves facing fears and difficult emotions with all the discomfort susceptible to arise in the process.  I invite you to weave in self-compassion and indulgence when the voice of judgement comes up. The following practice facilitates doing away with fear and limiting behaviors:

  • Identify the undesired situation behind your resistance to something
  • Notice the emotion attached to this undesired situation
  • Lean into this emotion with courage and curiosity.
  • Do not judge it as good or bad.  Just explore it
  • Connect to the sensations attached to the emotion
  • Surrender and feel the sensations fully.

This practice liberates the mind from the conditioning of fear and brings clarity on disserving patterns.  Shifting from the conditioning of fear frees up a lot of energy and motivation to direct towards more worthwhile life areas.  This will unlock new experiences and possibilities.

Did this practice motivate you to flip the switch on the stress of being lonely?  Check this blueprint out.

In love, light and service,

Kumba Shakur.

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