Ever feel so lonely, there’s nobody to reach out to for a nourishing conversation or just to feel human presence? Is extreme solitude making you feel deeply sad and low on energy and productivity? Are you experiencing depression symptoms, high sensitivity, irritability and difficult emotions?

Certainly, relationships and human interactions are as important forms of nourishment as the food we consume. They feed us at cellular, mental, energetic and spiritual levels. They stimulate our vitality and hunger for life. Conversely, low levels of human interactions suck life out of us. If you find yourself in these shoes, it may be hard to find the motivation to pull yourself out of this hole – Legit! Reason why I’m sharing, once more, another tool I created specifically for satisfying the vital need for human connection we all have.

Indeed, if you’re yearning for human connections and interactions, what better place to experience them than in unrestricted and authentic spaces? Places where humans diffuse their intrinsic essence, freely! They allow their true nature to emerge, unrestricted. Places of boundless warmth, exchanges and free of constriction. Settings where you’re safe to be yourself, receive and give out warmth without fear of judgement.

Furthermore, you can hear the clamor of life therein – Loud chatters, unrestrained laughter, footsteps, children’s eager and genuine laughter or weeping.  Take heed to the smell of grilled, boiled or fried foods, spices and aromas around you. Notice authentic local foods made with ingredients of diverse origins. All destined to homes that’ll gather around these meals to please their pallets and honor life.

Truly, what a place to witness life, human dynamics, and oneness at its best! It’s a way of feeling alive, connected and consuming raw and authentic warmth. The best news is it’s free and without regulations. Now where in your current environment can you find such a setting ? Markets, harbors, seaports, farms, the next-door neighborhood corner you’ve never ventured in? Open your eyes, and search with intention. There’s so much self-awareness in taking purposeful action-steps towards creating rich experiences. They make you more connected and closer to yourself.

Upon finding the spot, remember to go in without expectations for perfection or how the moment should be. Just ignite your inner observer lenses. Sit there and take it all in. Consume the energies as you’d do with food, for as long as your heart desires. Once you’re done taking it in, the crowd, space, energies and connections are all there, available and OPEN to you. What you’ll make of them, is all up to you. Use your creativity and mingle with intention, presence and detachment of outcome expectations. This practice can help shift from the paralyzing energy of loneliness, if you allow it. You’ve got control of your life as always, even in the lowest moments!

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Kumba Shakur

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