Disease Immunity through Detox

Disease Immunity through Detox

The human body is an extremely forgiving machine that repairs our mistakes over and over again. Given half a chance, the body will heal itself by itself. Thus, the body must be fueled with the right nutrients to empower its innate healing abilities. A way by which the...

Happiness through Mindful Living

 If you go through everyday in an automated fashion, repeating the same patterns without feeling alive, read on!  Meaningful living starts with presence or mindfulness – The act of attending the present moment with full awareness void of judgment, backward thinking...

Meaningful Living through Mindfulness

If you go through everyday in an automated fashion repeating the same patterns without feeling alive, read on!
Meaningful living starts with presence or mindfulness – The act of attending the present moment with full awareness void of judgment, backward thinking and anticipation for the future. It is merely about submitting the mind to an active contemplation of the current moment. What a chill way of living!
Being mindful is comparable to being in a meditative state while attention is fully shifted to what is going on around and within us. We harness our senses as we pay heed to our environment. In that mode, we experience every breath we take.
Staying in the present brings forth a sense of heightened awareness. We are in sync with our perception, intuition and emotions…. This clarity into our internal landscape brings us home to ourselves. We get a better understanding of our essence and purpose. When cultivated, this awareness can culminate into centeredness over time. It is a condition where we can tap into our inner wisdom and manifest desired situations.
Mindfulness improves health. It triggers relaxation mode, a condition that promotes digestion, cellular repair, proper nutrients flow and good sleep (to name a few!) – A great way of putting stress, a potent root of illness, at bay.
Mindfulness improves essential areas of our lives. As we focus on the present and release ego-propelled clingy thoughts and emotions, we gain clarity. Clarity spurs creativity, which allows unadulterated expression from within. It also improves relationships. We are able to communicate better as well as show empathy and compassion. Mindfulness improves career. We are more productive when full attention is shifted on tasks.
Mindfulness is our birth right. We were born free of worries with limpid minds. We dwelled in that state until life realities started kicking in with age. Let’s pause for a minute and answer this question: Do stress or absent-mindedness alter the outcome of our deepest tribulations in any way?
The answer is a clear no. In fact, the universe has our back beyond our imagination. It always works things out in our best interest. That being said, why not approach challenging situations mindfully? That entails acknowledging the situation, accepting its circumstances and crafting constructive solutions while drifting away from absent-mindedness or negativity.
Another hindrance to mindfulness is the human brain. We are wired to think negatively, stress out and be totally absorbed by events. These patterns are also learned stress responses we acquire from our environment. As a matter of fact, we switch to stress mode in the midst of undesired situations or uncertainty. However, we are in control of the human brain as powerful as it can be. It takes shifting our belief system and practicing presence with resilience to eventually overcome these hurdles.
Additionally, the untamed ego counters mindfulness. When there is an imbalance between actual and desired states, the untamed ego shows up in different ways. Those responses take different forms depending on the individuals. For instance, Mr. Ego could send us dwelling in imaginary lands for extended periods. Within this imaginary realm we envision and “actualize” the desires we are deprived of to compensate for the perceived imbalance. This reaction increases stress levels and absenteeism because we are in a state of yearning. Alternatively, the ego could put us through an emotional avalanche where we cling on negative thoughts, feelings, self-judgment and other toxic emotions. In our eyes, these emotions seem so important and urgent in the moment that they can’t go forgone. Yet, all they do is impair our clarity and increase stress levels while moments we miss will never come back ..
There are different ways of practicing mindfulness. All of which improve wellness and make room for a happy and meaningful life. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on practicing mindfulness. Have a blessed and mindful day troopers!

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