The human body is an extremely forgiving machine that repairs our mistakes over and over again. Given half a chance, the body will heal itself by itself. Thus, the body must be fueled with the right nutrients to empower its innate healing abilities. A way by which the body repairs and cleanses itself is by detoxification. It is a process whereby it pushes disease-causing toxins out of cells and organs.

Why Detox?

In fact, the body contracts toxins from environmental pollution, personal/home care products and food.  These toxic elements oxidize cells. Overtime, toxins accumulate into a toxic mass. As a consequence, it stalls digestion, slows down metabolism and triggers inflammation. All three conditions cause diseases as they wreak havoc on crucial physiological and mental processes.  A way of mitigating the onset of disease is to remove this toxic mass by way of detoxification.

What is a detox?

In essence, you can detox daily or periodically. Detoxing daily entails consuming nutrients and antioxidants dense whole foods everyday to support and cleanse the body. A periodic detox consists of feeding the body with easily digestible foods during a specific time period to give the digestive system a break. You will consume anti-inflammatory foods that are rich in antioxidants, healing compounds and fiber to cleanse and repair cellular damage. The body dedicates the extra energy gained from the absence of intense digestive activity to cleansing the body. In this process, targeted cells, organs and blood are purified as the body works on removing the stagnant toxic mass it has accumulated overtime. A detox will flush toxins out, boost organs’ performance and deter the onset of diseases. Consider a detox to be a reset not just for the body but also for the brain. Indeed, toxic food disrupts mental activity.

How to Detox?

Surely, there are many ways of detoxing. I believe in healing with nature-derived elements AKA whole foods. Whole foods are blessed with nutrients and compounds that have specific HEALING, CLEANSING and REPAIRING properties. With whole foods alone, you can get the most effective detox for your body. For instance, roots, herbs, teas, vegetables, fruits, plants and grains can be potent detox foods depending on their properties. This is preferable to using processed and packaged detox products that may contain toxic additives and harmful ingredients. Of course, it is important to know the right combination and type of foods to use for a detox. It is also crucial to know the proper length of the detox depending on your body type and health condition. In this case, seeking expert advice is recommended to optimize the detox results without harming the body. Be it periodically or daily, a detox is the best way to prevent diseases, stimulate organs performance, flush toxins out, improve mental clarity and shed stubborn weight. I recommend following the method your body responds better to.

In Service, Love + Passion, Kumba Shakur.

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