There are types of nourishment, beyond the food on your plate, that fuel your enthusiasm and energy for life. One of them is new experiences. The brain feeds on new experiences for productivity, good mood hormones and creativity. They’re like a breath of fresh air that renews your eagerness and hunger for life.
If you’ve been feeling irritable, low on energy, unable to focus or losing your temper fast, these are signals of imbalance. it is time to pause!. While countries are lifting up confinement restrictions, there is still some level of social distancing as the COVID19 spread is gaining ground. This situation certainly puts a strain on the level of interpersonal interactions you can entertain. However, you can still create tremendous experiences with the possibilities that you’ve got.

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Luckily, it’s Sunday, the beginning of a new week. It’s the perfect time to share my favorite tool for infusing vitality and meaning to my life every week. Plan for your week ahead!  Schedule 3 or at least 2 types of activities to engage in alone or with others. I like 3 categories: new discovery (adventure), self care and thrill/fun. Write them down and make reservations (pay ahead) to make sure you’ll commit. Use your creativity and research skills to pick your activities. It is a way of connecting to and learning more about yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy or costly. If you choose to spend, go for something convenient that you can afford without breaking the bank.

In essence, this practice takes away the difficult emotions and feeling of emptiness attached to loneliness. You’ll feel excited as you anticipate these plans throughout the week. It brings a new energy wave into your life.  It’s a doorway into new beginnings, relationships and opportunities. As you engage in these experiences, embrace a beginner’s mind and release expectations. Expectation is an extension of control. It creates tension and prevents enjoying the joy of the moment. Go in as if it’s the first time you’re doing whatever experience you’re about to partake in.
Like these tools? Download my blueprint Turn Loneliness to Freedom for more practices to beat the oppression of loneliness HERE.

Yours Truly,

Kumba Shakur

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