Hey how’s it going?  Personally I am doing as best as I can.  Knowing me means knowing I like to keep life as easy as possible.  Lately though, my allies have given up on me.  Oh yes!  Couple of days ago my mind went into pure rebellion mode and showed a total aversion for my mindfulness practice.  It went off the chain.  I mean the more I appealed to grounding tools that usually keep me centered, the more restless it would go.  I  got physically and mentally exhausted.  More stress to deal with added to the challenges of  COVID19 confinement. 

Luckily, it did not bring me down to me knees nor drive me into depression.  I took heed to the signals of my brain.  It was begging me to take it easy and let go of this urge to be at all times mindful during this confinement.  These are unusual times for all of us.  Obviously, the body and mind may respond in unfamiliar ways.  Instead of fighting  the mind or trying to discipline it when it goes restless, let’s just let it be.  Let it roam, ruminate, travel and wander…  However long it takes, it will come back to calmness when it is done.  The key is to acknowledge and accept whatever emotions or thoughts show up instead of trying to control them to be a certain way.  This will gradually induce relaxation mode. 

Confinement restricts the flow of vital universal energy.  It can be depleting for the brain.  The best way to restore energy is to just take it easy my friend.

With love,
Kumba Shakur.

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